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Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are essential for houses as it serves washing and cleaning needs of kitchen dishesStainless steel sinks are a common choice among architects, designers and other individuals because of their durability, cost effectiveness, and simple cleaning process.

​BYstone Art provides you with a wide selection of kitchen sinks of stainless steel and composite quartz sink. To opt for the right sink style that suits your space the best, consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen or reach out to our team.

Wash Basin

Ceramic Sink/Wash Basin are popular as they are available in many different shapes and are easy to clean. As they are popular, you can also find ceramic sinks at a variety of different price points to suit any budget. Solid Surface: Solid surface basins are distinguishable by their clean lines and lack of seams.

​Basins comes in many designs suitable for desired application such as under mount, wall hung, pedestal type, table top and more. Pass through our store to select the best type that suits your entire style.

Kitchen Sink


Black sink
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Vega V1
Black sink square
Vega V2
top view sink
Vega V3
top view long sink
Ariel A1
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Eros E1
Black square sink

Available Color

Metallic Series


Granite Series

snow sand
grey stone
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red moon